Fees and commissions

Crypto deposits and withdrawals: Fees accordingly as per currency, fee is deducted from total.

Minimum Transaction: Flexible


30 day volume in

Maker Fee Taker Fee Volume
0.5% 0.5% < BTC110
0.5% < BTC55
0.5% < BTC27
0.5% < BTC11
0.5% < BTC82
0.25% 0.25% < BTC10,975

Important Information


The exchange is closing for trading and new registration due health reasons.

Please ensure, that you retrieve your coins from the exchange by end of August 2022, after this date it will not be possible to automatically retrieve any coins from the exchange.

Between end of August 2022 to end of September 2022 only manual approvals will be made. After this date any coins left cannot be retrieved anymore.