How Does It Work?

How Does 1EX.Trade Work?

To start trading bitcoins on 1EX.Trade, simply go to the registration page and fill in a brief registration form (5 fields). Then log in with the user name and password that you received in your mail and you are set!

Bitcoin Funding

You can fund your account with Bitcoin by visiting the deposit page and following the instructions. You can also manage and obtain alternative Bitcoin addresses for your account by visiting the bitcoin addresses page. You may only obtain one new address every 24 hours.

Fiat Currency Funding

All fiat currency is handled through your own private bank account in Crypto Capital. Opening an account is a quick process that will allow you to hold up to 30 different fiat currencies under one roof! Each account comes with its own IBAN number and can be used in other cryptocurrency-related businesses without having to go through verification again.

After you have set up and funded your Crypto Capital account, you can link it to your 1EX.Trade account by visiting the bank accounts page. Just enter the number of your Crypto Capital account, and the funding link will be established.

Once you have followed these steps, you can fund your 1EX.Trade account by visiting the deposit page and follow the instructions.

Order Entry

At the moment there are four types of orders: MARKET, STOP, LIMIT & STOP/LIMIT OCO. All four can be used to enter or exit the market.

  • Orders @ MARKET will be assigned to the best BID or the best ASK.
  • The order entry ticket is simple yet versatile and will offer up a confirmation screen before it goes to the market.
  • Open orders can then be easily edited or canceled on the open orders page.



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17 Aug
Swift Coins


SWIFT will be removed from the exchange. At the present Moment they are swapping coins to NXT.

For this reason please follow the instruction of the Swift Developer.


Email [email protected] with the amount of coins you want to swap in and wthey will post to the ticket an address you can send them all to. 

Then you give them your NXT account address and they send exactly the same amount of new ones there.





1 Jun
We are getting ready for Updates

Hi All,

We are getting ready for the latest update on 1EX.TRADE.

During this time we need to disable the trading functionality.

Withdraws are open but are set with extra approvals so tehy may take a little longer as normal.

Kind Regards

1EX Support Team