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17 Aug
Swift Coins


SWIFT will be removed from the exchange. At the present Moment they are swapping coins to NXT.

For this reason please follow the instruction of the Swift Developer.


Email [email protected] with the amount of coins you want to swap in and wthey will post to the ticket an address you can send them all to. 

Then you give them your NXT account address and they send exactly the same amount of new ones there.





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1 Jun
We are getting ready for Updates

Hi All,

We are getting ready for the latest update on 1EX.TRADE.

During this time we need to disable the trading functionality.

Withdraws are open but are set with extra approvals so tehy may take a little longer as normal.

Kind Regards

1EX Support Team


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27 Aug

Latest Update

On 1EX.TRADE you now can personalize the feel and look of your view.

You now have the option of several colors and background images to create your own look and feel when you trade

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19 Aug
V2 Design been released

The latest updated to 1EX.TRADE has been released and the new design and functions have been updated.

Between the 19.08 and the 22.08 we leave trading and withdraw disabled so we can gage the new layout load.

As from the 22.08 trading will resume as normal.

Kind regards,

1EX Support Team

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8 Jul
Trading Suspended During Upgrade

We are upgrading to V2 of the exchange

Between the 08.07.2016 and 10.07.2016 we are upgrading 1EX.TRADE

During this upgrade phase all trading, registration and withdraws are suspended.

After the upgrade is completed trading and registration functionality will be enabled again

NOTE: Upgrade may take up to 48hrs


1EX Support Team



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We are running maintenance on 1EX between 08.04.2020 (2200) and 09.04.2020 (0600)  - COMPLETED, Trading enabled again 

During this time Trade, Withdraw and Registration is disabled.

Once the update is completed Trade, Withdraw and Registration is enabled again.


1EX Support Team