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24 Dec
Merry Christmas

We wish you all a Merry Christmas 2015

The team is back on 28.12.2015 to complete the final stage to enable multi coin trading.

The  1Ex Team

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13 Dec

After we enable the multi-coin trading we will also enable multiple languages.

Languages which will be enabled are:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Chinese

Languages which will follow are:

  • German
  • Italian
  • French

The 1Ex.Trade Support Team

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11 Nov
One Click Trading

On the new trade screen the simplified one click buy / sell option is now implemented. This will speed up the order fill option for traders.

It is also possible to mix amount & price if needed.

The 1Ex Support Team

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8 Nov
Twitter Account

Follow us on twitter:

@1ExTrade is now fully integrated in our support desk to improve our services.

1Ex Support Team


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7 Nov
New Function

1.) On the new Trade screen a simplified click on order / sell option whereby the amounts are added automatically to buy or sell option. 
Delivery on: 11.11.2015

2.) Chat Box for Users / Traders. You have requested we do it. 
Delivery on: 16.11.2015

3.) Share screen for share holders, Inclusive dividends information, auto lock during dividend period, 24 sale period exclusive for shares on exchange.
Delivery on: 19.11.2015

4.) 0% Trading fee for special days for traders on any crypto currency
Delivery on: 25.11.2015

5.) Multi currency trading for all coins, Crypto to Fiat, Crypto to Crypto. Loading of coins will start before this delivery date but you will start to see them once we enable the option. Coins will start to show where you see BTC now with auto change on all settings on trade screen once you click on a currency.
Delivery on: 16.12.2015  

The 1Ex.Trade Team

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27 Oct
New Trade Screen

We are pleased to announce that the new trade screen has been loaded. With this new trade screen we have created also a more dynamic trading experience and other digital currencies will be activated shortly. 

The 1Ex.Trade Team

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1 Oct
New Front-End Chart Active

The new front end chart has now been enabled. This fully dynamic chart replaces our original chart. With a smooth flow, dynamic candles and flexible shift zoom the provided information will increase your trading experience. 

The 1Ex.Trade Team

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8 Sep

Today we will run a small update in preparation of our next implementation. For this we will need to take one server for 30 minutes offline. 

The 1Ex.Trade Team

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5 Sep

Deposits will be allowed after 72 hrs soak run on 1Ex.Trade. During this initial 72 hrs period we wan't allow deposits on the exchange. This will allow also user to register, get to know the exchange and start applying for a bank account with Cryptocapital

As of Monday the 07.09.2015 we will start to allow deposits of BTC & Fiat.

The 1Ex Team

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Global Portfolio

During the Weekend from  18.05.2019 from 0800 till 19.05.2019 till 2300 we will update the global portfolio view.

This update will run in two stages:

  • Stage 1: 18.05.2019 (0800) till 19.05.2019 (2300) - COMPLETED
  • Stage 2: 24.05.2019 between 0800 & 1800 - COMPLETED

This update will improve the graphical view of personal portfolios in the account section.

During this time:

  • Registration is active
  • Trade is inactive
  • Withdraw is inactive

Kind regards

1EX Support Team