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5 Sep
Opening of 1Ex.Trade

The operators of the WildBeastBitcoin is proud to announce 1Ex.Trade Exchange. With 1Ex.Trade we aim to bring a new era how trading in crypto currency is done. A fair & ethnical trading policy is one of our top priorities and will make trading a better place.

The 1Ex Team wishes all of you great success on 1Ex.Trade 

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Global Portfolio

During the Weekend from  18.05.2019 from 0800 till 19.05.2019 till 2300 we will update the global portfolio view.

This update will run in two stages:

  • Stage 1: 18.05.2019 (0800) till 19.05.2019 (2300) - COMPLETED
  • Stage 2: 24.05.2019 between 0800 & 1800 - COMPLETED

This update will improve the graphical view of personal portfolios in the account section.

During this time:

  • Registration is active
  • Trade is inactive
  • Withdraw is inactive

Kind regards

1EX Support Team